Artist: Shantifax
Release Name: Sub Til
Nationality: Italy
Real Name: Klaus Balzarek
Release Date: 06/04/2018
Catalog: Reson8009
Label: Reson8 Music
Style: Psychill


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Release note: Shantifax is the psychill-project from Klaus Balzarek (Italy). Klaus has a musical background as a guitarplayer in a Indie-Rock-band (Zeugshmitz) more than 20 years. Additional to this, he is also djing the world as DJ TINTIFAX since more than 15 years and shared the stage already with many big names of the scene. His love for relaxed psychedelic sounds finds expression in the project SHANTTIFAX. Through his amazing combination of analog and digital sounds, influenced by his unique guitar-playing, he found his particular sound and already released 5 Shantifax-albums for free. He also released on different international compilations and created exclusive dj-sets for internet-radiostations.SHANTIFAX-LIVE is a complete band with live-instruments as guitar, percussions and didgeridoo. The mainfocus is based on Organic Trance, the group played many concerts over the last 7 years, also on bigger international events like Blackmoon-Festival in Italy and Vibronica-Festival in Ukraine.Through the actual colaboration with the Label Reson8, Shantifax opens a new chapter and shows with the first EP sub til his interpretation of contemporary psychill: deep, spheric sounds combined with groovy beats and seductive melodies.