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Part One of a 1989 TV documentary showing the conflict between farmers and hippies, which was resolved when Tipi Valley members banned keeping dogs in their community. Tipi Valley is still thriving as I write this in 2016, and the community would like to express its thanks to those farmers involved in this old film, Ron Jenkins and John Williams who honoured their word that “we don’t mind how they live now, we don’t mind at all, so long as they keep n their boundaries and aren’t a nuisance,” and who since that time have become friendly and kind...

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Dubspot Ableton Live 9 Tutorial: Sampling the Human Voice – Part 2 w/ Chris Petti @ Decibel Festival

At last year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle, Dubspot hosted a series of free EDU Session workshops as part of the Decibel Festival Conference. In this tutorial video, Dubspot curriculum director Chris Petti delves deeper into some amazing sampling and sound design techniques using only the human voice as a sound source to create an entire track with Ableton Live 9′s Sampler tool. Make sure to check out part one here: http://youtu.be/TszT2qTKarg Head over to our blog for more info: http://blog.dubspot.com/?p=56122 Check out our channel page for more tutorials, reviews, recaps, interviews, see what our partners are up to and...

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Ableton Live Tutorial: Bringing Your Finished Productions To Live Performance – Part 1 w/ Josh Bess

In this two part Ableton Live video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor Josh Bess demonstrates how to bring your original productions into a live performance setting. In part one, Josh explains his personal methods for dividing stems into individual audio loops in the Arrangement View. Stay tuned for the second part in which Josh dives deeper and explains how to create and manipulate custom audio effect racks in real time, MIDI mapping macro controls, and performing live. In this video Dubspot instructor Josh Bess demonstrates his personal method for taking your original productions out of the studio and onto the stage....

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