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Forest/Darkpsy leads with Serum (Psytrance tutorial)

new tutorial about how to create that crazy dark psy lead in serum 😀 Hello Psyheads! check out my forest psy track “Tribal Frequency” which you can hear in this tutorial and you can download it for free! 😀 https://youtu.be/46AgIHRVWw4 If you would like to support me and inspire me to do a lot more tutorials you can donate some money on my patreon page – https://www.patreon.com/klaada or just donate money for my tracks on my bandcamp page – https://klaada.bandcamp.com and you should check out this tutorial by psychaotic who made similar sound in his way – https://youtu.be/M3IJ6vmhv3s Ableton...

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Serum: How to make Darkpsy/Hi-tech Leads using Serum vst

Tutorial about ho to make an hitech/darkpsy lead with serum vst. for more tutorials check out my channel, for private tutorials contact me in a message or on one of my links https://www.facebook.com/DjElunami/?fref=ts sorry for the low audio quality but i’m using my internal microphone on my macbook air so when i play the audio you hear it far away on the background on this i still need to work in the future. Ableton...

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Ableton Live 9 Tutorial: How to Create Electronic Dance Music Synth Leads w/ Analog

More info: http://bit.ly/YhzYdS In this video tutorial, Dubspot instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Michael Hatsis (a.k.a. !banginclude) demonstrates how to create flavors of popular dance music leads using Ableton Live’s unique and versatile synthesizer instrument Analog. In this tutorial, Dubspot instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Michael Hatsis a.k.a. !banginclude shows how to make dance music leads in Ableton Live 9 using Live’s built-in synth instrument Analog. These kinds of synth leads are useful for many different types of club music from dutch house and moombahton to trap and beyond. In a step-by-step process, Hatsis explains and demonstrates how to...

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