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The creatures inhabiting this forest are not what they seem. Please use caution…


01. Mubali – “S’up” (from the album “Head + Ass = Soul”, 2012 Ektoplazm)
02. Schizoid Bears – “Planeta Pliuk” (from the “Bearsky Dreams” EP, 2011 Forest Freaks)
03. Seven Dark vs. Lab – “Psychedelic Connection” (from the compilation “Forest Beings II” , 2012 Biijah Records)
04. Farebi Jalebi – “Who’s Who At The Zoo” (from the compilation “Nine Spheres To Enlightenment”, 2011 Silent Existence)
05. Molchun – “Read-y-Mad-e” (from the compilation “Muhomornaya Skazka”, 2011 Gliese 581C)
06. Spectral Cosmos – “Nam Nam” (from the compilation “Rising Storm”, 2011 Rising Sun Crew)
07. Cenotes – “One of Us” (from the compilation “Under the Moss Vol. 2”, 2011 Forest Freaks)
08. Cthulhu – “No Sere Un Alienigena” (from the compilation “Twisted Mysteries 1.5”, 2011 Fish ‘n Trips Records)
09. Disia – “Skog” (from the compilation “Dusha Lesa”, 2011 Gliese 581C)
10. Retohmorgon – “Kongeegens Might” (from the compilation “Cinder and Frenz”, 2011 Anomalistic Records)
11. Chemical Abstract – “Proton vs. Neutron” (from the compilation “Forest Freqs”, 2011 Ohm Ganesh Pro)
12. Pinky and Brain – “Lala Land Games” (from the compilation “Psycho Talent Freak Show”, 2010 Neurotrance Records)
13. Petran – “Spiral” (from the compilation “Open It Up”, 2011 Sacred Media)
14. Anamnesis – “Vanish In The Haze” (from the compilation “Opus Pocus”, 2011 Alkhimia Records)

mixed by Phantom Prowler Feb. 14, 2012

**all tracks in this mix are available for free download at

Forest Psychedelic Trance

Phantom Prowler - ''Nightfight'' (Forest/Darkpsy/Twilight DJ Mix)