Parvati Night / Xmas Night in Hill Top GOA – 2017


Parvati Night at Hill Top GOA – 7th Edition – 24.11.2017
Line up included: Dj Giuseppe, Dj Kt, Flipknot, Red Eye Jedi, Iguana / Naked Tourist, Confo

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Tracks played :
Atriohm – Close 2 Nowhere Dub (Vlastur remix):
Atriohm – Close 2 Nowhere (Tengri remix)

Video by: Reflection Lab / Shubham Pawar

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Parvati Records is an independent record label started in Denmark during the summer 2000 by Dj Giuseppe with the wish to contribute actively to the growth of the Psychedelic-trance scene. our goal is to discover and present quality music to party people all around the world.

our artists include Giuseppe, Jahbo, Arjuna, Onkel Dunkel, Atriohm, Derango, Vertical, Confo, Nargun, Elowinz, Ectogasmics, Nobot, Farebi Jalebi, Archaic, Mussy Moody, Red Eye Jedi, ECT, Mubali, Ulvae, Petran, Claw, Cracked Nozes, Lurker, Futuro, Tengri, Vlastur, Fako and many more.

Our V/A serieses include Psychedelically Yours, Psy Stories, Parvatrip etc.