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In this two part Ableton Live video tutorial, Dubspot Instructor Josh Bess demonstrates how to bring your original productions into a live performance setting. In part one, Josh explains his personal methods for dividing stems into individual audio loops in the Arrangement View. Stay tuned for the second part in which Josh dives deeper and explains how to create and manipulate custom audio effect racks in real time, MIDI mapping macro controls, and performing live.

In this video Dubspot instructor Josh Bess demonstrates his personal method for taking your original productions out of the studio and onto the stage. Rather than playing a full tune as a single audio clip, Josh takes advantage of what Ableton Live offers as a live performance tool, and divides his tunes up into stems within individual Audio Tracks in Ableton Live. In this video, Josh will explain why he chooses these stems and provide some simple methods to dividing these stems into individual audio loops within the Arrangement View of Ableton Live. Knowing when and why to create certain loops, phrases, and transitions allows the performer much more freedom for live performance. Josh will discuss how he applies all of these ideas with his own Live sets, along with offering a download for the actual session used in this video tutorial from his website:

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Ableton Live Tutorial: Bringing Your Finished Productions To Live Performance - Part 1 w/ Josh Bess